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Apart from being famous for its addictive and appealing nature, online flash games have become a major trend in today’s realm as one of the most complex and fully featured cheap thrills with a range of vector beginnings. Super Smash Flash 6, for instance, offers a variety of gaming experiences for different players as it consists of all the 28 characters from Super Smash Games such as Goku, Sonic, Mario, Marth, and Chibi-Robo among others. This mashup game revolves around epic battles where the players assume their favorite heroes, defeat the enemy to win through fighting, crossover, and level up after each task. The main objective of the players in the game is to get rid of opponents by knocking them off the screen as they play towards toggling health and lives, scoring and unlocking different stages and characters. In order to keep track of performance, players are rated using a percentage counter that is designed in such a way that it increases as the player takes any damage. Participating as either a single or multiplayer, the unlocking of the whole roster avails all the other star modes to be used in the preceding levels of the game. Super Smash Flash 6, a sequel of the original Super Smash Flash, garnered a range of mixed reception from different players. While others regarded it as thrilling, others viewed the game as one that lacked control. Despite the challenges, the game still made its way to the top as one of the best fighting games of all time.

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